Founder Giuseppe Lagattolla launches the Lagattolla name in the fabric sector, commercialising fabrics for furnishing and women’s clothing.
Marco Lagattolla took over from his father and began to specialise in fabric and lace for bridal wear, becoming the sector leader.
The Marco Lagattolla™ company grew, adding a high fashion and evening dress line to its bridal collection, expanding into the market with an extensive sales network in Italy and laying the foundation for an internationalisation initiative targeting Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Far East.
The Marco Lagattolla™ took the risky but farsighted step of transforming itself from converter to producer, acquiring shuttle looms and traditional Leavers lace looms.
Now a producer, the newly created Marco Lagattolla™ in-house style team developed a distinctive product that responded to market requirements and targeted the ready-to-wear market.
The launch of our 100% silk Leavers lace, of which we are the world’s only producer.
The next generation, Davide and Chiara, bring their passion and commitment to managing the company.
The presence of the Marco Lagattolla brand and a loyal client base is firmly established in over seventy countries around the world.