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In the 1962 Marco Lagattolla took over the management of the family company, which was concerned in the wholesaler market for ladies wear. In the following years the company specialized itself in producing and selling finer and more exclusive fabrics for bridal and High Fashion market. Since several years, the company approaches new markets. She decides to give less attention to the “High fashion” and focus more on the “ready-to-wear” and on the accessories markets. The choices of the company reach their aims in a very good way. The product "Marco Lagattolla" starts to be known in the domestic market and, later, all over the world. The searching of new designs and products is done inside the company, at the beginning directly from mr Marco Lagattolla and, further on, from his son Davide Lagattolla, who takes care of the different needs, coming from different international markets, trying to combine the best of novelty items and the tradition, typical of a product Made in Italy.  The fabrics: organzas, tafetas, shantung, mikado, chiffon, georgettes, tulles, stretch fabrics, embroideries on tulles, fine macramé and laces (silk, viscose, cotton, lurex and wool), studied during all those years, created a very special connection among designers and couturiers, both in Italy and in foreign countries



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